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What is Beauty Locker? I am so glad you asked! To begin, sports has been a piece of my life, in some form, ​pretty much my entire life, so the locker room has always been an intricate part of my growth and development ​as a human. Moreover, I believe locker rooms are incubators for dreams being realized, friendships being born, ​and maturity materializing! Furthermore, during my tenure in Seminary, God burdened my heart with a deep ​desire to empower and encourage women when they need it the most. As a result, Beauty Locker x KLB was ​born! Imagine, sophistication meets locker room! Beauty Locker x KLB is a space prayerfully curated to edify ​women, in their glory or their vulnerability, as they journey through maturation. H.E.R. is an extension of Beauty ​Locker, and is dedicated to refreshing, uplifting, and edifying networking events.

My purpose here is simple. It is simply to help women unlock the God-given beauty within their lives, whether ​this is through raising families, forging platonic relationships, hosting events, or writing, to name a few. 1 ​Corinthians 12:7, NLT, says "A spiritual gift is given to each of us so we can help each other". I am here to help! ​Check out my services page so you and I can connect the dots!

In life you cannot simply trace the lines,

YOU have to draw them !

About KLB

Keisha L. Bogard is a fierce, visionary leader, philanthropist, and entrepreneur. With nearly 20 years of decorated military service, she has garnered research and analysis experience that she has leveraged in every area of her life. First, she is the Co-Founder of D’Carmon Investment Holding Company, where she and her husband has successfully managed a 6-figure portfolio of stocks, bonds, index funds, and real estate. Second, she is a Master Sergeant in the United States Air Force, and currently serving as the Women’s Director at Go Church Now, in Fort Worth, TX, where she is helping women to define lines and boundaries within their personal, professional, and spiritual lives. Keisha’s qualifications and accolades are not limited to her vast military career, but they are undergirded by two Associates degrees (Community College of the Air Force), a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Psychology (Liberty University), and a Master of Divinity degree (Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary). Keisha believes that education and life experiences are the steppingstones to designing the life that one has always desired. Keisha is married to her best friend, Earnest Bogard III, and they share three children--Earnest (24), Jaliyah (18), and Karis (6).

It is my life's purpose to help ​you connect the dots!

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use your brokenness to create

your Masterpiece.

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Every Piece ​Cannot Finish ​ Your ​MasterPiece!


Need a trusted speaker? Unsure about how to keep your guests ​engaged at your upcoming Christian-based or business event? Hire me! ​My life's purpose is to help you connect the dots! I guarantee your ​guests will feel value in their experience at your event!

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Now Introducing!

Juiced at the Locker, LLC

Adding color to your everyday life through fresh, cold-pressed juice! With three bold flavors, power-packed with ONLY quality fresh ingredients, you are sure to love at least one! This mobile juice experience is offered through pop-ups and luxe wellness events! You may direct any inquiries to keishalbogard@gmail.com. Can't wait to serve you!

Kale Me! [$10/bottle]

Similar to the nutrient-enriched-super-rich veggies, Kale and Spinach, God has gifted me to be a nourishing and enriching friend and teammate—listening ear, prayer, and encouragement!

[Kale + Spinach + Green Apple + Cucumber + Lime + Ginger + Cinnamon ] Absolutely no additives or preservatives!

Zing! [$10/bottle]

Energy + enthusiasm, anyone! No lacking on the high intensity vitamin C power punch with this one! Similar to the CEO, this juice doesn’t miss with the boost that it provides! Again, God has blessed me

to share the “wealth”, so here I am! Health is wealth!

[ Sweet Potato + Carrot + Orange + Apple + Ginger + Cinnamon] Absolutely no additives or preservatives!

Heartbeet! [$10/bottle]

Our innumerable to-do lists can be such a heavy load on our heart health! Sometimes, you just need

to give your heart the high five that it needs to keep beeting to a healthy rhythm!

[Beet + Apple + Lemon+ Ginger + Cinnamon] Absolutely no additives or preservatives!

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